Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cane Fields

Today's picture shows the Sugar Cane fields outside of New Orleans. The picture was taken around 1890. I love the old steam locomotive. I am not sure why the train is stopped, but it has given us a chance to examine the amazing detail and engineering in these old locomotives.


  1. I am sure it is stopped to allow the obviously Pinkerton Agents to disembark and check the track ahead for dangerous outlaws.

    At least that is what it looks like to me?

  2. I am sure it is stopped to allow the obviously dressed Pinkerton Agents to disembark from the train and survey the track ahead for dangerous outlaws that infested the New Orleans area in the 1890's.

    At least, that is what I think?

  3. Looks more like a private car then a train, camping trip??

  4. That picture makes me think of my great grandpa who when we where small played the harmonica and sang the old rail road songs that where sang when laying the track coming across the country along with the many stories that came with it. So miss sitting at his lap listening to those songs an stories of long ago. Thanks for this picture! Big smiles

  5. To a retired railroader, it appears this train is on a siding waiting for another train to pass. In the old days trains received a set of orders transmitted to a telegrapher at each station by the dispatcher. All crew members had to make sure they had the correct time on their watches before departure. The "train orders" would tell you to take the siding by a certain time to wait for a train that had superior right of way. The crews would inspect the passing train as it went by. This is how you ran 2 way traffic on a single track. Nice photo.

    RR from Idaho

  6. Beautiful train!
    I remember when you had old train week. It was lots of fun. Those old trains are simply marvelous.


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