Monday, April 22, 2013

Canal Street

Today's picture shows a view of Canal Street in New Orleans. The picture was taken in about 1900. You can see a statue of Henry Clay in the street. If I understand correctly, this statue of Clay is no longer on Canal Street, but now sits in Lafayette Square. 


  1. These last few photographs (New Orleans) have been just wonderful and very entertaining. It's photos like this that keep drawing me back to your blog. Thanks.

  2. I like the horse and street cart; however opera is another matter!

  3. Interesting history about this statue. It was put up in 1860 and moved in 1891 so this picture had to have been taken on or before 1891. Probably very cose to the time that it was being moved. The reason the city gave for moving it was it was impeding traffic. Most people thought at the time the reason for moving it was because of the controversal protests that happened under the statue. It was sort of a rallying point.


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