Saturday, March 9, 2013

Woman in the Work Force

Welcome to Women in the Workforce Week here at OPOD. We start out with this picture from 1942, which shows a woman in a job making needles.

The trend of women working outside the home really started during World War II. With so many men being drafted into the military to fight the war, a workforce was needed for the manufacturing jobs back home. This need was met by women who had traditionally worked at home, leaving the home, and filling the manufacturing jobs. After the war, many women remained in the workforce, and families begin to enjoy and often depend on two incomes.

This is my question . . . with women entering the workforce, did we leave the most important job undone? The most important job being bringing up the next generation. I am not saying that a woman's place is in the home, but I worry that as a society we have pressured women into the workforce, as if they are not accomplishing much with their lives if they choose to stay home and train up our children. It saddens me that we have outsourced the raising up of our children to strangers and government organizations.


  1. You are correct. Two income families have helped to fuel the prosperity in our nation -- but at what cost? I have no children and have always worked but what I am seeing in my high schools friends grown up children is scary.

  2. I'd agree that THE most important job is bringing up the next generation. There's an old proverb that comes from a poem by William Ross Wallace:

    The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World

  3. I wish times were like they were back in the 50's but with todays economy and our wonderful gov. leaders the only way to have anything is both spouses working. you can stay home and live on obamacare but what kind of existense is that also i have a daughter working two jobs because her sorry ex husband will not do his part. so i do not have problem with women working , i have a problem with someone wanting everybody else to work so they can do nothing but sit at home all day even when the kids are in school. in an ideal world all wages would catch up to the times but when we have the "government " saying current min wage is good , well id say the more working the better. i personnelly would like to thank the women in the workforce. thanks for the great pictures , and letting me rant.

    1. One thing bothered me about my now ex-wife is she did stay at home to raise our kids, but when I got home and wanted to relax, put my feet up and watch the news on TV, she decided that was the time she had to vacuum the living room.
      She had all day to do it, but always waited until I got home. I guess it was her way of showing me that she did do something around the house.

  4. I have always stayed home with the kids. Children need consistent, constant discipline and care. Strangers simply don't care the way a mother should.

    At first when I was at home when the oldest were very young, no one thought it strange. But as time went by and I still didn't return to work at the hospital, people began to make comments about a wasted college education.

    My children needed me much more than the hospital did and they also needed me much more than the things that the extra money could have bought.

    I always tried to have the bulk of the housework done when my husband came home. but it didn't always work out that way. when he came home I called it quits as well,except for the dishes.

  5. Born in 44. My mother worked until Dad came home in '46. I remember very few women working until the '60s. The 60's brought many changes pushed thru by the govt. mostly stupid at first, making sense several decades later.

  6. In the fifties, it was possible to live on minimum wage. Unfortunately, Congress has not seen fit to raise that wage to keep up with inflation, and it doesn't matter which president you're discussing. Where I live, it takes two people on minimum wage just to rent a two bedroom apartment, and they'd still need foodstamps if they expect to eat. This is Congress' fault. They are too busy playing politics to care about the people who elected them.

  7. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. That was never to be. I soon became a single mom and with second marriage we needed the second income to help support the household. I thin it would be nice if we could get back to the basics as women sometimes. I love working outside the home and own my own business . Nut would have loved to had been able to raise my children instead of the caregivers that were hired to care for them. I think something is lost when we cannot raise our children and guide them. For the most part we are leaving that for someone else to do when we arent there. Their influence is on them not ours. My thoughts. My daughters grew up to be amazing and Im very proud of them. They have hard working skills but I do see lack where I could have shown the how to be more compassionate etc. They all are moms and work outside the home as well. It is a sad heart break. As I know that two of them would have given anything to be a stay at home mom.