Sunday, March 10, 2013

Testing Bomb Equipment

Good Sunday Morning to you all. Hopefully many of you are beginning to get a little touch of springtime weather. Spring has arrived in West Texas, which means the wind is here. Anyway, we are enjoying the longer and warmer days.

Today's picture is from 1942, and it shows a woman working in a bomb factory. She is learning to use test equipment which is used to test components for the bombs.


  1. Good pictures. I fully believe that WW II was the awakening of women in America that they could contribute to the effort. This realization got them thinking through the 50s and 60s that they should become a major part of the workforce.

    Today, women have also moved into all levels of the workforce. This has not been easy, but it made us a better and more productive country.

  2. My grandmother worked in a munitions factory in WW2.

  3. The Bomb Tester in the photo is a device used to test aircraft spark plugs before they're installed in the engine. A small sealed chamber with a threaded hole in the top for the spark plug is pressurized with about 400 psi air. A high voltage source is connected to the spark plug to insure that the plug fires reliably at high operating pressures. The operator slowly lowers the voltage with a rheostat until the plug stops firing. If it fires down to the low-voltage limit it's acceptable for use in the aircraft engine.

  4. Edit my comment:
    The operator RAISES the pressure until the plug stops firing. If it reaches specified pressure and still fires it's cleared for installation