Sunday, March 17, 2013


This is another picture from the same picnic we saw yesterday. I really like these pictures . . . they are so iconic they almost look like they are from a movie set instead of read life. I think Barbque is one of the best picnic foods. As much as I love fried chicken, it gets soggy pretty quickly. The BBQ is nice because it can be served right off the grill.


  1. Maybe people liked each other a little more back then. Have tried to get family together for years. Finally gave up, got down to just a few that would come. Everyone too busy or I'm not coming because so & so is coming. I guess if you can't do it with family, how is a community going to do it. We need more of the togetherness.

  2. I love Barbeque too! We don't get southern style bbq up here on the east coast of Canada. I have to eat my fill when I'm visiting the south.

    You've got my mouth watering.....

    Graham in St. John's

  3. Even at a picnic, everyone is nicely dressed - hats, dresses, suits and all.

    1. Everyone dresses nicely at our Church picnic every suits, but the men/boys wear dockers or similar and nice shirts and most of the women / girls wear skirts, dresses or appropriate shorts.

  4. Absolutely wonderful picnicking photographs. I'm nuts about them. Thanks. Charles Leck

  5. I love them too and wish we were not so busy to have a meal outside on a picnic table. Some very good memories of my childhood. The ones at the church were the best!!


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