Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Picnic on the Beach

Today's picture is from about 1900, and it shows some young people enjoying a picnic on the beach. The picture was taken on Coney Island. It is amazing how much our standards of modesty and decency have changed in the last hundred and ten years or so. There is a striking difference in what types of things you see on the beach these days.


  1. It seems there are just about no standards for decency and modesty in dress or in behavior these days.

    Just don't mention the God of the Bible in a respectful way; that is the only taboo in today's society. No wonder we are in such a sorry shape.

  2. I really don't understand how they can swim dressed like that though. Trying to swim fully clothed is not easy. Not much chance of skin damage from the sun I suppose. Check out the guys in the foreground sitting on the beach top right and middle. They look like they have suits on. Not bathing suits, dress suits!

  3. I don't think there was much swimming going on, as much as just getting in and splashing around. Wool has the advantage of feeling warm even if it is wet, so you didn't get a case of the shivers when you came out of the water.

    As suits became less restrictive, the tops were cut rather like men's undershirts. I've heard it said that one of my aunts forgot her suit, and borrowed her husband's. Unfortunately, she also forgot that mens suits were not cut as wide across the chest as womens tops, and she had a bit of a problem with, um, fallout, shall we say.

  4. I love it how some of the guys in the back are wearing suits. People were so much dressier back then. *Sigh* As a senior in highschool, some people think I'm strange because I just about always wear flowers in my hair and knee-length or longer skirts. Just my way of trying to bring about some more class. People tend to treat you with more respect if you dress nicely than if you only wear sweats and t-shirts, it seems. :)
    I love all of these pictures on here. Thanks for taking the time to post them!


  5. Lovely photo. What is the girl on the left eating? I agree, our society has gotten far too casual IMO. But thankfully there are still young people out there (like Abigail) who like to dress up. :)
    -Anne K.