Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Indian Fishing

I love this picture of an Indian Fishing. He is Hupa, and the picture was taken in 1923. I love the calmness of the lake, and it looks like it is early morning.


  1. I finally figured out what he is doing, he has a net on the end of two stick and waiting for a fish to scoop up.

  2. It is very beautiful and peaceful.

  3. This is a beautiful picture. I wondered about what was tied to the poles that were in the water and it's a rock which I'm guessing is to keep the "dock" stationary in the water, giving it the needed weight to keep it from floating away.

    LOVE this picture.

  4. I wonder who took this beautiful picture?

  5. As one with nature.

    I wonder what that scene would look like today. Probably a fancy dimension lumber dock with lots of conveniences, like a roof and potty. Maybe a snack bar with some comfy chairs, fancy rods and reels. Maybe even a Dupont Spinner (dynamite) or two for enticing the spooky ones out. And a runabout tied along side for running around the lake with a ski-doo or two keeping the water riled up.

    Yup, nothing like being at one with nature.

    MT C


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