Saturday, March 30, 2013

Going Fast

Welcome to Going Fast Week here at OPOD. This week we will be looking at mankind's Need for Speed. We start with this fine example of a camel race in the Middle East. The picture was taken near Beersheba. I guess ever since we had something to ride, we have been wanting to race.


  1. Wow!@ Camel races! I love that photo!

  2. When I was a kid in Morocco we listened to camel races on the radio.

    According to what was said, the riders were mean, hitting each other with the riding crops, often in the face.

    Never saw a camel race in person, though.

  3. I got curious about how the riders stay on -- it looks a lot more precarious than riding a horse. This website has a lot of camel information and pictures/descriptions of different types of camel saddles:

  4. Great action shot. I bet they get moving fast once those long legs get into action.
    -Anne K.