Monday, March 18, 2013

Frying Food

Picnic Week continues here at OPOD with this picture from 1940 of a church picnic in Kentucky. It looks like they are frying up some food, but can not tell exactly what it is. My guess would be either fried chicken or catfish. When I was growing up, church picnics were more likely to have BBQ, but if something was going to be fried, most likely it would be catfish.


  1. Looks like chicken to me.
    Texas BBQ, very tasty.
    Our picnics were often pot lucks with a wide variety of food.
    With our current church, the church supplies hot dogs and hamburgers and everybody brings a side dish and a dessert.

  2. Something about preparing and eating food out under the trees makes it taste so much better. Coffee is really good especially if it is a little cool in the mornings and you had to restart the fire to make it.

    Unfortunately all that goodness can be dampened when the place you are camping is overcrowded and noisy as a Chuey's on saturday night.

  3. All these comments make me want to go out and have a picnic but that'll have to wait a little longer. 8 to 14 inches of snow due tonight thru Tuesday, ughh.

  4. After copying that picture and zooming in, I determined it to be a scrawny chicken leg on the end of that fork.

  5. That would be a major fish bone sticking out of that filet!


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