Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Another great hobby I can remember growing up was carving, or what we called "Whittling". This was getting a knife, and a piece of wood, and making a toy. You can see this young man has just carved a nice canoe with a jack knife. 


  1. What we did back then amazes me now. On scout meeting day I had a brown "girl scout" knife that I wore clipped on a belt to my scout uniform. This was on display all day at school because we went directly to scout meeting at 4:00. We girls admired Juliet Lowe.
    I don't recall ever whittling at school but did a lot in the back yard. My dad also showed me mumbledy peg. No cuts, no stabbings, no blood.
    It was a simpler time.

  2. With his cowboy chaps and dirty cheeks, this guy is "all boy." I remember playing with a jackknife growing up, specifically carving homemade bows and arrows to play with. Those arrows never did shoot very straight! LOL I also remember the feeling of loss when I lost that jackknife through a hole in my pocket while playing in the field.
    Great photo.
    -Anne K.

  3. I remember growing up it was no big deal to take a big knife to school. In fact, we had a game called "Mumble Peg" that involved throwing the knife in various ways to get it to stick in the ground, near someone's feet. No one got hurt, and no one complained.

  4. From what I remember, in Boy Scouts if you got caught throwing a knife around you get a corner of your totten chip card cut off. If you got all 4 corners cut off you loose your priveledge to have a knife. Remember lawn darts? How anyone thought that was a good idea for kids is beyond me. Basically throw a sharp spear way up in the air and see where it lands. That wasn't the correct way to play the game. How about that Saturday night skit with Dan Ackerod? He played a toy manufacturer pitching dangerous toys like, "Bag of broken shards of glass". Hours of fun, LOL.

  5. Good morning all . a pocket knife should be an essential tool in everyones really dont think about it at all till you forget it at home. i got a knife very young had one my entire time in school and in the army, nowadays a knife isnt allowed in our bank, (you cant even wear hats in some).like everything a few bad eggs have ruined it for the 99% regular people. thanks for the great pictures and have a nice day.

  6. Great photo!

    I tried whittling, but never was very good at it. I had a green Girl Scout knife. It is still hanging around the house somewhere.