Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rag Doll

Welcome to Doll Week here at OPOD where we will look at children and their dolls. We start with this picture of a young girl and her rag doll. The picture was taken in 1852, so we can see the tradition of girls and dolls go way back. I hope this week you will share your memories of your favorite doll growing up.


  1. Wonderful picture and looking forward to more. No 'doll stories' though. I was pure tom-boy and outside with frogs and craw-dads. Sure enjoy your blog. MJ Quincy IL

  2. When I first glanced at the photo I thought the little girl was the doll. What a cutie! I love her homemade doll...lovely old photo, PJM.
    My favorite doll was a Raggedy Ann doll my mom made me when I was young, around 5YO. I loved her hand tied red yarn hair and her orange striped stockings. She still sports a black smudge on one leg from when I took her for a bike ride once on my front fender. All went well until we turned! I have had thoughts of resewing her holey legs to prevent her stuffing from leaking out, but I'm afraid she won't be the same. Now Raggedy sits on my closet shelf, an icon of my childhood. Oh, and her best feature is a small embroidered heart on her chest that says,"I love you." :)
    -Anne K.
    p.s. 1852 would make this quite an early photo?

  3. The doll is a Gollywog, sort of a black Raggedy Ann.

    The child also looks like a doll. I thought she was the doll at first glance.

  4. A toothless Chatty Cathy. My little sister was upset because I'd had a visit from the tooth fairy, she pulled Chatty Cathy's teeth and put them under her pillow. She was so disappointed the next morning (I was none to happy either) and mom had to explain that the tooth fairy knew the difference between real teeth & doll teeth.

  5. What a great photo. This child is so pretty. My dolls were all named Susie and when my first born was a girl--yes i did--I named her Susan. I did not call her Susie. I loved all my dolls and MJ (Quincy) my dolls played outside with all the tom-boy stuff (brothers) and we had a great childhood. lam from Jacksonville,Il

  6. I have 3 generations worth of my great grandmother's, grandmother and my mother's dolls. The oldest one is from the Civil War. What amazes me is how these dolls have survived through the years and didn't get broken. How did little girls not break their glass dolls? The doll I still have from my childhood is my Barbie doll. She has only recently been found after I had given up hope of ever finding her. Found her in her case right where I left her, along with her clothes so many years ago. She is one of the very first original Barbie's with the short hair. I look forward to seeing the doll pictures this week! Violet


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