Sunday, February 24, 2013

History Class

Today's picture shows History Class at the Tuskegee Institute in 1902. I love how everyone is so attentive, and dressed nice. This was back in the day when young people actually viewed education as a privilege. Now, many kids are not interested, and it is as if the system is "forcing" them to be educated. In my mind, many aspects of that are not working well today.


You asked for it, so now you are going to get it . . . a long awaited Domestic Update. I am pleased to announce that the lovely Ms. EAM will be returning from her work in a remote area of East Africa for a brief period of rest. Mrs. PJM and I will travel to Dallas, and pick her up at the DFW airport on Wednesday. 

There are going to be elections in the area she lives, and at the last elections there was great violence and tribal warfare, so she was told she  needed to leave until after the elections. So, she will be coming home. While here, she will be visiting with some of her sponsoring churches and organizations. If you know anyone in the Texas area that would like to hear her speak about her experiences in East Africa, feel free to drop me a line.

We are eager to have her back home for a short visit, and will have lots to catch up on.


  1. Oh I wish I lived in the area to her her speak of her experiences. How wonderful to have her home for a time.
    Love the photo of the class room. I think I agree with you about how the system is forcing. Sad! I remember having to dress for school. and when coming home putting on play clothes. Of course before we could play we had to do our homework. Things where so much different then now. We had Sunday go to meeting clothes, school clothes and play clothes. Honored those and gave them the due respect. I think we need to get back to the basics of those days once again.

  2. It will be nice for her to get away for all the turmoil and danger for awhile.
    Now, just don't over do it on the spealing tour.

  3. All those students look completely uncomfortable.

  4. I think they probably look uncomfortable to us because they are dressed for "business" - the business of being educated and productive members of a society which did not welcome them. People tend to act the way they are dressed. Bethe is right - we need to send our children to school dressed for school, not running the streets.

    Also, the fact that they are sitting on benches with desks would made note taking and the like difficult.

  5. I wonder how concerned the students were with comfort versus being thrilled to have the privilege of an education? I like the drawings on the board.
    Glad your daughter will soon be home safe and sound.
    -Anne K.