Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Druze Sheikh

Today's picture was taken in 1925 in the Arabian Desert. The picture shows a Druze Sheikh that had led the Hauran Revolt. The revolt resulted in horrific genocide as the Druze were brutally punished for their rebellion against the Ottoman Empire. Druze were scattered to various places, including the Arabian Desert.


  1. Great photo.

  2. This part of the world has been in turmoil since the beginning of time; and (unfortunately), I think it will always remain so. Notice the beads in his hands - I wonder what they were for - some form of prayer, perhaps.

  3. The people in the middle East seem to enjoy hating and killing each other.

  4. Although all genocide is bad, and certainly warrants mention, I am really more interested in dwelling he is in.
    Obviously a tent, but is that a fire pit under his feet? (and yes, I noticed the shoes also) I find myself wishing I could feel the material of the tent. It appears to be hand woven. Is it similar to the weaving of early Native Americans? I have always loved the feel of those old blankets. So much softer than the cheapo ones they sell today.
    I wonder where they found the wood for the poles? I was always under the impression that there isn't much for lumber in that region, so do they haul it with them from place to place?
    Do you suppose he wore those kinds of shoes all the time, or is this a special occasion?

  5. I noticed all the handwoven blankets too. Those must have taken a lot of hours to complete.
    I like his shoes too.
    -Anne K.