Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chemistry Class

Today we have a picture of Chemistry Class at the Tuskegee Institute. The lab looks to be pretty well equipped for 1902. I will have to admit that I always struggled in Chemistry. In college, I had a lab called something like Semi Quantitative Micro Analysis. Where at the first of the semester they gave each student a different vial of liquid, and throughout the semester you had to do tests to figure out what compounds were in your liquids. I would do the tests carefully, but my results never came out like what they were supposed to, and so I did poorly in the class. To this day I suspect I was given a bum batch of liquid. Anyway, I always liked things like math, physics, and electronics much better than things like chemistry and biology. I wonder if I am the only one that has struggled with Chemistry.


Just a reminder that I will be traveling with Mrs. PJM today to pick up the lovely Ms. EAM at DFW. She called in yesterday and said she had arrived in Nairobi safely, and that was a relief as the 8 hour road trip to Nairobi was by far the most dangerous part of the trip. We look forward to some quality time with her, as she enjoys a brief period of rest. 


  1. Ah, good old Chemistry class. I will admit that Chemistry was NOT my favorite college class. Having worked in an environmental lab years back, what is noticeably absent in this photo is that no one is wearing safety glasses. I guess OSHA hadn't been invented yet. lol
    I am glad your daughter is heading home to safety and some rest.
    -Anne K.

    1. Ah, dear OSHA! Sometimes you will find pictures of "Rosie the Riveter" online, and none of the ladies are wearing safety glasses or hairnets, they have bracelets and scarves that could have gotten caught in airplane rotors and the like. A little OT, there, but you are correct. Folks just accepted risk as part of the job.

  2. I took a class like that,I didn't do so good in it either. I always thought chemistry professors got joy from torturing students.

  3. Good for you and your household to have Ms. EAM there again for a time!
    I had a college chem class like yours; ours was called Qualitative Analysis. I did not do really well either. I have one very vivid memory from that class: we were also given a little tube to check out over the course of several weeks. About the third week into the procedure we had a test where we were told to tap the bottom of the test tube to help a precipitate form. Well, the vivid memory is that I was doing this right in front of a lab assistant that intimidated me a little bit, for reasons I won't go into, and I was tapping and the test tube bottom broke and my several week's worth of work in fluid form fell out onto the floor, and that lab assistant laughed uproariously. I was told at the end of the term that the professor had not realized how badly I was doing in the lab.

  4. I'm a high schooler currently in an Honors Chemistry class, and let me tell you, IT'S HARD! I stuggle to understand most of the concepts and have to work really hard to keep up my grades. not my best or favorite class...