Monday, February 4, 2013

Bedouin Chief

Today's picture is from 1936, and it shows a Bedouin Chief from the Arabian Desert. He is a Druze, which is a religious sect that I don't completely understand.


  1. This is a fascinating photo- ruined castle in the background, palm trees, goats grazing in the background.

    The Bedouin is a striking but sinister looking individual- fabulous outfit, great sword. I'd hate to meet him in some dark corner of the desert.

  2. This fellow does look like he just came from Central Casting. I had heard the term Druze before, but never understood it. Wikipedia and other sources give an interesting history.

  3. I think his photo is very interesting,albeit a standard pose photo. A lot of people may not be interested in the middle east but I am.

    "Sinister".....not at all. I think there is some subconscious concepts going on these days. Take the robe and additional items off and put him into a good suit and he looks like a university professor. Or put him in pair of blue jeans and a shirt covered in assorted paint and he looks like an artist. Curl his moustache and he could be Picasso.

    I collect antique swords and that is a beautiful saif that he has. It is actually close to the style used these days as a US Marine officers sword.
    He also has on his right a rifle that most probably is a British Enfield model.

    A very interesting man and it would have been a pleasure to have known him.