Friday, January 18, 2013

Women Chain Gang

One comment yesterday . . . really? We are down to just one comment. I guess I better shake things up a little today and not just put up another picture of men in the south in stripes fixing roads. This picture is from East Africa and was taken around 1910. It shows women convicts in chains being used to repair the roads.


  1. I really appreciate this pictures...
    You have a nice blog.
    Best regards,

  2. LOL, your obsession with the number of posts you get is amusing.

  3. You find the best Old Pics. Thank You.

  4. Yeah, how much can you say if the photos are about the same day after day.

    Now today is something different and worth making a few comments about.

    That is a real chain gang, but the neck hoops look like they are so big that a person with a smaller head could slip it right off.
    Those chains look pretty stout and heavy, a little overboard for women.
    It looks like the women hve to supply there own garments.
    Those chains are fairly short also, they must have to be working awful close to each other.
    At least they have wooden mallets instead of heavy iron ones.

    I guess I could have made them all seperate comments and then you would have had a butt load of them for today.

  5. That is a pretty good looking and smooth road that they have built.
    Not very wide. but looks good.

  6. With so many differnt handles and different mallet heads, I wonder if they had to make their own wooden mallets?

  7. There are a couple of interesting things about this picture from an old road builder's point of view.

    First, you will note that the ladies are chained together to form a line the full width of the road. The tamping tools they have to use are probably heavy but relatively small. Imagine pounding the roadbed all day only to get up and do it again the next day. A good steel wheeled roller could do a better job at better than walking speed and cover more miles than anyone in the photo could ever dream of doing. When you have no money to but the roller, this is the process you must live with. I just hope the re are lots of ladies available to do the job.

    Second, the road is only about 8 - 9 feet wide. This is narrower than most driveways in the rest of the world. Unless this is a one-way road, it is extremely unsafe because the oncoming traffic will have to drop a wheel off the "pavement" to get past the oncoming car or truck. This will throw dirt up and block the view of the road ahead or could cause a driver to lose control particularly if it is raining.

    On the positive side, at least the drivers will have a prepared road to drive on.

  8. I would really like to know what crimes these women are convicted of.

  9. I agree with Helen, I wonder what crimes these women had to commit to work on a chain gang in that era, although, I realize this is East Africa.

    I will say this is a really amazing picture, I seldomly comment but it doesn't mean that the pictures are ignored. It just has to be something I don't normally see or something I can relate to for me to comment. Calm down on the comments, lots more to worry about in the world than how many comments a post gets in a day. :)

    Nice blog btw.

  10. I'm not really that much interested in Chain Gang week but I don't want to disapoint and not leave a comment, so here goes. Looking at these pictures kind of depresses me. We are going to need some really happy pictures next week. I'd like to suggeust kids building snow men, sledding, ya know those care free, happy days of kids playing in the snow.

  11. Just not into the "chain gang" thing. and if you can't say something nice.....

  12. I look closely at all your old pictures as most are of subject matters that I seldom see. This picture really shocks me and saddens me. The men in last weeks posts were not chained together.... It is so hard to see man's treatment of others.

    I do enjoy seeing this old photos but it does sadden me to see such injustice.

  13. The woman in the center looks to be not much more than a child.

  14. BS, as a blogger myself, I'm wondering why you had to leave the slightly snarky comment about this blogger's "obsession" with posts (I assume you meant comments) being "amusing".

    The vast majority of bloggers that I personally know look forward to this feedback from their readers/viewers. It's an important part of the fun of blogging; otherwise, we might as well run our blogs privately.


  15. The one in the middle looks like the mastermind ! lol

  16. Interesting photo and I also would wonder what crimes these women could have committed. I have to agree with Dave107 that this week's pics have been somewhat depressing, although an interesting slice of history.
    -Anne K.


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