Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Road Work

Today's picture shows convicts working on the road in Oglethorpe County, Georgia in 1941. I notice that while these groups were called "Chain Gangs", I have not seen any of the prisoners in chains in the pictures we have looked at.

It is interesting that these groups would sing to help pass the time, and would work in rhythm to the song. This is an interesting recording I found of a such a group.



  1. Kind of made me think of that old Charley Sheen movie "CADENCE" where the Black men marched to their own special song.

  2. The Volga Boatmen comes to mind.

  3. Sorry -"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" fills the bill. This was an interesting post today.

    1. Agreed. I was looking for Everett, Pete and Delmar.