Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prisoners Working

Today's picture shows convicts working on the road in North Carolina. The picture was taken in 1936. 

Below is another recording of Chain Gang music.


  1. I wonder what they are waiting for.

  2. These songs you've been posting really draw a person in. St. Augustine said "For he who sings praise, does not only praise, but also praises joyfully; he who sings praise, not only sings, but also loves Him whom he is singing about/to/for."
    I used to lead music at my church and will add something of my own to this. "He who sings draws close that which he sings about." If I were in prison I think the music would help to save me. If I sang the blues, or hymns, or whatever, it would get me through the day and keep me human.
    Really good posts, PJM!

    Will from Lafayette

  3. I remember back in the late 1950's my dad and mom drove to Florida from Ontario Canada. I must of been about 8 years old but I remember my dad buying packs of Camel cigarettes and throwing then out the car window for the chain gang prisoners (we didn't have chain gangs in Canada) At the time we were driving through one of the southern states (maybe Georgia). I will always remember that scene for the rest of my life. The prisoners waved their hands at my dad and started to walk towards the places he threw the packs of camel cigarettes

  4. That's quite a comment. Reminded me of throwing C ration meals out of the back of a duece and a half to kids along the road in Vietnam. They weren't prisoners, but they still ran after those C rats and scooped them up. You could send a 5 pound package over there for not too much back then, and every once in a while my mother sent a box of loose wrapped candies, and we had a good time tossing those out too.


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