Monday, January 7, 2013

Presidential Pets

This week we are going to look at presidential pets. This one legged chicken was the pet of Teddy Roosevelt. I do not have any other information but there has to be an interesting story behind this.


  1. The fact that it was a president's pet and that it had one leg and it posed well for pictures is story enough!

  2. Could someone been trying to prove that you can have your chicken and eat it too?

  3. Well look at that - it'a the Spanish (?) chicken Nediopolito.
    The story of Nediopoito is a rather lengthy on so I shant relate it all here, sufficent to say it's really a childrens story about a naughty chicken that refused help to those who asked for help. Eventually Nediopolito was punished by been made to stand on top of church spires as a windvane - which is why when one sees a windvane on a church it is usualy a one legged checken and is set there to remind people to be helpful to others when help is needed.
    It's a delightful story and can be dragged out for ages when taveling with children and to quiten the "Are we there yet etc. etc." and keep them entertained.
    If you would like the full story I'd be happy to write it and email it to you. Just email me and ask.
    Leigh Clark -

    1. Leigh, I would very much like a copy of a delightful story. Thank you for the generous offer. You may email me at Thank you!

    2. Tried to google that one, all I got was how to cook Neopolitan chicken!

  4. That chickie looks stuffed. Its even got a fancy platform....I bet it was chicken soup!!

  5. Probably the tale went something like this:

    The rooster crowed loud, long and obnoxiously in the middle of the night. Responding, the family found the fowl was desperately trying to alert them to a chimney fire that would have burnt the whole house down if not extinguished.

    They were eternally grateful and related the story to all their visitors. The visitors would then remark on the obvious fact the bird had only one leg and inquire as to how that came to pass.

    And the visitor would then be told "Well, you wouldn't want to just eat a chicken like that. At least not all at once."

  6. I remember reading that most presidents would bring their personal horses to the White House . . . as their horses were their frequent mode of transportation. It was a transition to a new era when a president didn't have a personal horse anymore.

  7. Interesting photo which shows how resilient chickens can be. I'd like to know the whole story behind this bird. We used to have a crippled chicken ("Hoppy") and I think my kids learned more compassion from that chicken than anything else.
    -Anne K.


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