Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I guess one of the advantages of being the President's son is that you get to have a Pony. This is Archie Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt's son.

I tell you, DADD's stories yesterday of pet raccoons really made me want a raccoon now.


  1. What a fun photo. I wonder if he got to ride his pony on the White House grounds? Is it just me or does Archie appear to have a black eye?
    Thanks for another great pic, PJM.
    -Anne K.

  2. It does look like a black eye. TR and his kids were always rough-housing.

  3. Re: Raccoons

    Look before you leap. I'm work in Humane Law Enforcement, so I see the direct result of people making decisions without complete info. If you look at everything and still decide to do it, at least you'll know what to expect going in.

    A couple of highlights:

    You live in Texas. It is illegal for you to own, possess, or transport a Raccoon in Texas unless you are law enforcement, a permitted rehabber, or a couple of other restricted groups. In addition, most municipalities of medium to large size have laws prohibiting raccoons and other wildlife as pets.

    There is no approved rabies vaccine for raccoons in Texas, and finding a vet that will treat one for even the most basic of health issues can be really hard.

    Since there is not an approved vaccine, and since Texas is under a Rabies Quarantine with Raccoons at the top of the infected animal list, if your pet bites someone (even you) and they seek medical attention it will be reported to the local rabies control authority, the animal will be euthanized, and a specimen submitted to the state lab for testing - whether or not the animal has ever been outside the house or not.

    Raccoons are not dogs or cats. I'm not saying you can't successfully keep one as a pet and be happy with it. Just know that they are a wild animal regardless of how long they have been kept in captivity and they will respond instinctively under certain circumstances. They will treat you and other people just like they would treat other raccoons.

    Humans may not always enjoy being treated like a raccoon, by a raccoon :)

    1. Sometimes you do not choose the raccoon, but he chooses you. They love to make homes in attics, and in/under/on structures around the house.

  4. PJM and Dadd have been rabid for years now, hasn't bothered them any.

  5. If you look around the web, there are several funny stories about Presidential pets who had free range of the White House.
    Even one about a little boy and his pony who rode the elevator.

  6. Caroline and John-John had a pony when they lived at the White House. They named it Macaroni. Really.


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