Thursday, January 31, 2013

Long Lines

I think another important aspect of the Rat Race is long lines. I think if you are required to spend time each day in some sort of long line, then there is a good chance you are in the Rat Race. One of the things the government is particularly adept at is creating long lines. I am sure we all have our horror stories about the Department of Motor Vehicles or the post office. 

The picture above was taken in San Augustine, Texas in 1939.


  1. I can remember entire days spent at the DMV.

    When we moved back to Maryland, a strange and marvellous thing happened. Lots more MVA offices were opened up, now provided I don't go near the end or beginning of a month or near a holiday, I can be in and out in ten minutes.

    It was also changed from the DMV to the MVA.

  2. What a cute photo. I'm guessing everyone is lined up for the Sat. afternoon matinee at the local theater.
    Having lived in a rural town for 15+ years now, long lines are pretty much a thing of the past. And we've learned what time of day to avoid the rush at the post office.
    -Anne K.

  3. This may be a little off subject but I've experienced both city and country DMV's. In the city the line is long, and the clerks are, lets say, a bit abrupt. Lord help you if you don't have the right paper work when it's your turn because back to the end of the line you go. You feel like a child getting scolded by the teacher for not doing your homework. They show no mercy. The country DMV is obviously less crowded, the clerks smile and actually engage in chit chat. They will help you with the paperwork while your at the window! WOW. You can get everything done at one place, the Town Hall. They even have free coffee.

  4. And now, as we all know, the government is taking over in health care. Uh oh.

  5. Notice how not one child is obese!


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