Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back Home

OK, I am happy to announce that I made it back home safely, but I am completely exhausted. It is a very difficult trip. The trip starts with an 8 hour drive across Kenya to go from Kitale to Nairobi. The roads are terrible, and traffic travels the center of a road with no center stripe, and vehicles then dodge each other at the last possible minute, while threading the needle to not hit pedestrians, donkeys, bicycles and scooters on the edge of the road. Then we had an 8 hour wait in the Nairobi airport. You don't want to be on the Kitale to Nairobi road at night, so you have to leave early enough to reach the airport by dark, even though the flight did not leave till very late at night. Then about an 11 hour flight from Nairobi to London, a 5 hour layover in London, a 10 hour flight from London to Dallas, and then a 5 hour drive from Dallas to our home. So, that will wear anyone out, but I am home and that is what counts.


  1. So, are you the Dance Marathoner in the dark suit on the left. I'm sure you must feel just about the way that fellow does. Go to bed, and stay there for a few days. We'll keep ourselves occupied.

  2. Welcome home PJM, glad you had a safe journey. It sounds exhausting! Unique photo of the dance marathoners. I can't believe the young lady is completely supporting her male partner there.
    Get some well deserved rest.
    -Anne K.

    1. She doesn't look very happy about holding the bum up. I see he even has his name or a name of a sponser on his back.

  3. Welcome Home! Sweet dreams!

  4. Every time I see a chicken I shall think of the photo you posted of that sweet little boy holding a chicken. Good job!

  5. Glad you made it back, PJM. There is no place like home.

  6. Welcome, what a horrible jet lag!!! Rest up, you deserve it.