Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scouts and Guns

I don't know about the summer camp you went to, but mine definitely did not have a 50 Cal BMG at the shooting range, although I think it is a great idea. Nothing would rejuvenate interest in Scouting like some automatic weapons at the shooting range!

This picture was taken in 1941, and was at an Army exhibition of some of their latest military hardware. 


  1. Yup.... a 50 Cal BMG would get my attention! I am not a gun person, but that would be really cool.
    Graham in St. John's

  2. When I was in scouting back in the 50's, they never had a display at any of our scout camps.

    But this looks like something done on a nice lawn area like the National Guard use to do every summer over a week end. The National Guard use to display all their goodies outside every sunner, and it was a center of attention. Nothing was every fired, just shown as a static display like the above photo

  3. One year the National guard even gave short helicopter ride to the public.

  4. The MG is pretty cool and obviously has their attention.

    I like the old uniforms, hats, etc. we see in today's picture and earlier this week. I wish we still used them for troop meetings, etc. You can still get the campaign hats from BSA national supply, but nobody wears them but nostalgic scoutmasters.

  5. I used to work with the Cub Scouts on Pinewood Derby. The USMC Reserve would be there with a M2HB on static display.

    Every yeaer, there would be at least one new Scout mother that would be asking questions when the Marines would carry in the tripod. I would be asked what it was and I would say that they were beinging in a Ma Deuce. When the Marines would return with the .50 BMG, the mothers would freak out as they sons were running to get a better look at the MG.

  6. What boy wouldn't want to shoot a machine gun?

  7. Each year, our Scouting Council holds what they call a Shoot-o-Rama at the local range. The boys camp on the front side of the range and for a Saturday, they have free use of a couple archery courses, shotgun (trap and skeet), rifle, and black powder. The wonderful thing about Scouting is that there is a strong emphasis on safety and responsible use of firearms. Boys who are mature, properly instructed, and given responsibility naturally step up and assume mature attitudes about weapons. One of the highlights of the event is a lunchtime demonstration of competition shooting and the County Sheriff's SWAT team. Several of my Scouts have decided to pursue military or law enforcement careers based upon this exposure at Scouting events. I am not worried by trained and values-driven boys. What concerns me are the youth being acculturated through gratuitous video gaming, television, and movies.

    1. Yeah, I agree with you. Those games make killing look like fun.

  8. Interesting photo about the gun display. I also loved the couple's feet in the upper left. White and brown shoes and very dressy.