Saturday, December 1, 2012

Relax and Recreation

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us, we must remember to take time to relax. So, here at OPOD we will be having "Relax and Recreation" week. What better way to start than with this picture of a little girl fishing. It also follows Hat Week well, as the little girl is sporting a dandy fishing hat. The picture was taken in 1920.


  1. I enjoy every single trip to this web site and this is certainly no exception. Thanks.

  2. My girls loved to go fishing with me.
    The oldest also loved to read books, and the surprising thing was, she seemed to be able to catch a lot of fish while she was reading her books.

  3. My girls enjoyed fishing at their grandfather's place near Texas A&M. To tell the truth they loved CATCHING the fish, but suckered Dad and I into bating the hoosk and taking the fish off the line. The fishing was so good that they caught a fish within 15 seconds of putting the line in the water. This made for a busy afternoon and one fish hook in my dad's ear.

    After a while, the girls became bored with fishing and went to pester the frogs and turtles. Fun while it lasted though.

  4. I love it. Where do you find such neat pictures?

  5. And one that would have been great for hat week!

  6. When I would take the kids fishing, it would be them that did all the fishing. Betweeen baiting hooks untangling line snarls and taking fish off hooks and rebaiting hook, there wasn't any time left for me to fish. But I would have a blast every time, and would have given up a second of the time spent with the kids

    1. Boy, can I relate to what you said. But it was well worth it. And I think my dad had to do the same thing with me.

  7. All these great fishing stories. Please enjoy listening to Trace Adkins' "Just Fishin'"

  8. I took my grand daughter fishing for the first time when she was about 6. I took her to a pond at a friends place where I knew she would be assured of catching some bluegills. It's no fun going fishing for the first time if you don't catch anything.

    Anyway, I got her all set up with a bobber and a worm or salmon egg, I forge which, and I helped her get it out in the pond, and I told her "If the bobber goes underwater, give a little jerk to set the hook good, and then reel it in.

    Well, the bobber set there for a minute or so, and then ducked underwater when a bluegill took the bait, but instead of giving it a little jerk, she hauled off and jerked it out of the water right back over her head. We watched the fish fly off the hook at the end of the flight and hit the ground in the grass. Before we could even get started back to get the fish, an old orange tiger cat came running out of a nearby building, grabbed the fish, and took off. We never got to see that first fish, but I bet that cat got a lot of free meals, cause the guy that owned the place only let kids fish that pond, and I bet there were a lot of fish that got flung back there in the excitement of it all.