Saturday, December 15, 2012


Welcome to Pioneer Week. We will look at pictures of the people who were the first to go places. This picture was taken in Colorado in the late 1800's. It is interesting to zoom in and look at the details of the picture. I am thinking the building next door will be a livery stable or blacksmith shop.


  1. I am of pioneer stock & I am grateful. However, I would have been a whiner. I couldn't have crossed the plains without motorized transport and air conditioning. Indoor plumbing too!

    The big part is, you wouldn't have missed the A/C or the indoor plumbing or the motorixed transportion if you never knew it existed.
    Just like people who never have tasted ice cream, they don't miss it.

  3. I doubt that the new construction is intended to be a stable, given it has a raised floor and the entry is rather narrow for that. Perhaps a retail shop of some kind?

  4. I think the lodging sign might belong to the building in the rear, so it could be a place of accommodation as yet unfinished.

  5. Very interesting to see the change in the construction methods. Even though the log store has glass windows, look how tight the new construction will be compared to the two log buildings in the photo. Also looks like corrugated metal roof. Love the photos on this site!

  6. Saw cant corners on the log with sapling chinks. Corrugated iron on both roofs. Mercantile front on the new building, as they were called in some areas. Those frequently had a water leak issue just behind the front. It looks like old bug or fire kill logs and a relatively new log structure, with light colour of newer cuts, or the corners were newly trimmed.

    I remember my father trimming the corners of the house I was born in before they strapped and sided it when I was perhaps 6 years old. He cut off the log end I used to sit on, on sunny days.

    Who added the colour to the picture?


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