Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pioneer Woman

Today's picture features a Pioneer Woman from the Oklahoma Dustbowl. The picture was taken in 1936. the house looks to be an adobe house, but with the outer plaster or stucco coming off. On adobe houses a hard outer coating is needed to keep the house from eroding away during a rain.


I am happy to announce that I will be traveling to East Africa next week to visit with the lovely Ms. EAM over the Christmas Holiday. Mrs. PJM will be staying home to keep the dogs, chickens and greenhouse taken care of. I will be traveling with a group of five people for a "Deny Yourself" Christmas. The idea is that the money you would normally spend on the Christmas holidays will be used to help desperately poor orphans at Mali Saba. So, instead of giving or receiving gifts, or Christmas decorations, or food for festive events, we will be taking that money to provide desperately needed relief for these children. 

If you remember my summer trip, I was able to dig these children a water well, get a garden started for them, constructed a chicken coop, and gave them a flock of chickens. The well is working nicely, and provides not only for the orphans, but for the entire surrounding village. With the water, the garden has been producing nicely. The chickens have not fared well. A neighbor bought a chicken that turned out to be sick, so the children's chickens all got sick and died. Because of this, and because the children really have no support or supporting organizations, they have been in a real struggle to have even minimal amount of food. The team I will travel with will work to try and improve living conditions for these children. I will pre-prepare blog posts for the time that I am gone, but with a little luck will be able to have good enough internet connection to periodically update you all on the project. We will leave next Saturday.


  1. I think if I lived in that adobe house, one of my top priorities would be to keep the stucco maintained at any costs. You can see the mortar and the blocks are eroding on the right side.

    Lots of luck on your trip.

  2. It's wonderful what you're doing for these children. Hope you have a safe trip and a happy Christmas.

    Love the picture btw. My grandmother was 16 in 1936 so I love seeing pictures of that era.

  3. I wondered what you would be doing over the holidays. This appears to be a big project for the few days available. I expect you will get it done, however, and I look forward to the posts. Say hello to EAM for all of us who follow her postings.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas. Good luck to you, what you do is so important. I hope you are able to post, lots of pictures please.

  5. How can we donate to your "Deny Yourself" mission?

  6. Safe travels and best wishes! And Merry Christmas!!

  7. Potamiaena,
    Thank you so much for your interest in the Deny Yourself Christmas. We really dont have anything set up to take donations, but appreciate your interest. I will try an keep you all posted on the project as time progresses. Thanks, and God bless.

  8. God speed, PJM. If you need some donations to do God's work there in East Africa, do not be afraid to let us know. It is good to know how to donate to a good cause, without "administration" and "fund raising" taking the lion's share of the money.

  9. I didn't think that you'd have the nerve to leave it up.
    The people in East Africa have survived since the dawn of Humankind.....without any of your help.....I think that they will continue to survive just fine.... without your chickens.

    1. Wow, you sound like a very angry person. Take a look at this child. She is starving. And you, would suggest we let her starve? How cold. Please note I never asked for donations, and was simply sharing how I will spend Christmas.

      Matthew 24:12 "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold."

    2. No Sir, I'm not an angry person at all, I'm just,do not try to put any spin on this that makes you look like some savior.
      These people do not need your help, they need to get off of their ass and help themselves. But they will not do that as long as people like you go there with your money and do things for them. You can hand a starving man a fish and let him eat today....or you can teach him to fish, and he'll eat everyday.
      Of course in Africa, that is not always the truth, because even after being taught proper farming methods and proper irrigation soon as you leave...they go right back to doing things the way that they did before you got there.
      I've been to East Africa, from Nairobi to Mombasa, so I have first hand knowledge of the lazy ways of these people. They have a welfare mentality. In many places...if they would just put a seed into the would grow, and they would be able to eat. But you can't get them to do it....they want you to do it for them.
      Since their independence from England in 1963....what have they been able to accomplish on their own....NOTHING! There have been no significant accomplishments performed by them on their own.(in almost 50 years!!!) The only way anything gets done if a foreign nation goes there and does it for them. Like you digging their well and building the chicken coop.....ohh, and supplying the chickens. So now that the chickens are dead, instead of getting more....they'll just wait for you to go back and do it for them. So really, I guess that they are only dumb like a fox....they know how to manipulate you into doing their work for them. Just like all of them who are on welfare here....collecting a check off of your earnings.
      So keep going back, spend your money to help them....and watch them fail anyway.

      By the way, Whats it cost to fly to Africa now? I'm sure that it's not cheap.

      If you spent that money would be helping your neighbor....someone who would be truly grateful....not some foreigner who doesn't care about you or your Christian teachings.
      So have a Happy christmas in Africa, and don't think about the Americans who could use a little help right in your own back yard.
      They'll be just fine.

    3. This specific little orphan girl . . . you would suggest she get off her rear and support herself how??? Wow, I wonder how you became such an angry person? What business is it of yours how I choose to help people?

      2 Timothy 3: But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

  10. Still on that angry thing, I see. I suppose that anyone who doesn't agree with you must be "angry".

    Anyway....It's none of my business I guess...but when you go looking for accolades and a pat on the back for what you're doing, by talking about it in an open forum, then at that's open for review.....I think that it's a little un-Christian like, to be looking for credit the way that you are. Like a little boy showing off for his mother...."look at what I'm doing".
    And as far as reciting Psalm and Verse.....whats that showing? I can recite the Third Degree, that doesn't make me any better than the next guy.
    Merry Christmas

  11. Pat G; I will remind you that the poorest person in the United States is a king compared to the poor of other parts of the world. God Bless you PJM for your works in his name.

  12. Ringo, I'll have to disagree with your reasoning there. From your, or rather an American perspective, they may seem poorer....but when you have nothing to eat and you live right here in the USA.....should you be overlooked for charity or meals because you dont live in Africa????

    Give me a break!!!!

    Hungry is hungry!!!

    And I say that we feed americans before we spend a dime on flying to the third world to feed someone, just because you want to talk about how wonderful you are.
    What do your "works" teach about boastfullness???

    You guys are missing the point which I'm trying to make here. If PJM spent the few thousand dollars that he will spend to go to Africa on a local charity or food bank....then he would see the results of his labors every day...right there in his own neighborhood where people you overlook all of the time need help too.

    You want to spread the word....well, there is work to be done right here....every day. Be the example in the the guy who helps your neighbors....not the neighbor who always leaves to help someone else.

    1. I find it interesting that people think that not only they should bleed me dry through taxes, but that they have the right to determine how I should expend my charity resources. My experience is that such people usually are doing NOTHING on their own.

      Pat G, you have been given the chance to get your point across, and your comments will be deleted in the future. I dont intend on debating with you throughout the Christmas season as I help these children.

    2. Hope your trip goes well. And I hope you are able to ease those children's lives.
      Anne appreciative reader


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