Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nap Time

I can not remember any part of life better than back in 1st grade when you got to take a nap after lunch. I am not sure at what grade the nap time tradition stopped, but I feel it was a big mistake. If I could just have 15 minutes to nap in my chair after lunch, I would be a new man all afternoon. I feel an unfortunate stigma has developed around nap time, which now is known as "sleeping on the job".

Anyway, this picture was taken in Arizona in 1940, and shows a young boy during nap time as school.


  1. Cute little guy!
    Graham in St. John's

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  3. Probably the only time he wasn't getting into trouble.

    I went to a Catholic grade school, and there was no naps, just rulers to the back of the head if you weren't paying attention.

    I see your FOLLOWERS count is almost to 2600.

    I also noticed that the new Followers count stalled out until we had out REBELLION over no DOMESTIC UPDATES, then it started to raise again. May have been nothing, but I just saying.

  4. Naps are just one more gift of retirement, but I missed work so much I am still working. Now I need to go to work for one of the new high tech companies that allow naps, gym workouts and skateboarding and other fun breaks from actual work.......

  5. I take a nap most every day.

  6. I don't remember taking naps at school, just laying our heads down on our desks after lunch recess.
    My mother had us take a nap in the afternoon, I had my kids take a nap, also, mostly cause I needed one. I'm retired now and I take naps everyday. I love naps.

  7. Big fan of the Nap here. I had the grandchildren over on Saturday and I took a nap along with the baby under the guise that I was going to try to get her to fall asleep. We were asleep for a solid 1 1/2 hours, NICE! In the 60's in Kindergarten we had nap mats and fell asleep right after story time. Sometimes at work I listen to the radio and take a cat nap at lunch time. Zzzzzzzz

  8. One of the few memories I have of kindergarten, which was waaayyyy back in 1948, is nap time. When I retired a few years ago I tried to convince my wife that daily naps were a federal requirement in order to receive Social Security and Medicare.She wasn't buying any of that.


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