Monday, December 24, 2012


Today's picture features Masai men in traditional dress. The picture was taken in 1936. The Masai are very much still around and are one of the dominant tribes of Kenya and Tanzania. They are one of the better known tribes, due to their colorful dress (bright orange) and ceremonial dancing. They remain pretty much a nomadic people group.


  1. Sorry, no comment yesterday, I have been traveling and will be using my laptop.
    Did I mention how much I hate my using my lap top.

  2. This is a particularly remarkable photograph and I found myself staring at it for the longest time. Remarkable. I hope you'll have more of these. Your blog remains one of my very favorite and I appreciate all your work to produce it.

  3. Oops, better leave a comment, even if there is no comment. Don't want any picture embargoes while PJM is in Africa. There is just nothing for me to comment on with this particular picture.


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