Sunday, December 30, 2012

Masai Warriors

Today we feature a picture of Masai Warriors. The picture was taken at Tanganyika in 1939. While I see lots of tribal people in East Africa, almost everyone wears something close to western clothes. Not sure how, but shipping containers show up in town filled with designer fashions which are sold for a dollar or two a garment. The clothes are of the same quality you would find in US, but just extremely cheap. To me, they do not appear to be seconds.


  1. Many of those clothes are last year's styles, or "seconds" only it the sense that there is a loose thread in the cuff, or something of the sort. I can often get really nice clothing at our local thrift store for next to nothing - a Pendleton wool suit for $15, etc. Not a darned thing wrong with them.

  2. "CONTAINERS", like the ones that come off of hi-jacked container ships?

  3. They are an interesting looking lot.