Friday, December 21, 2012

Broken Bow

Wow what picture could better capture the spirit of Pioneer American than this one showing Downtown Broken Bow, Nebraska. This looks like something straight out of an old West movie. The picture was taken in 1886


  1. Interesting old photo.
    14 guys and 2 kids standing around doing nothing.
    A sign on the side of the buildiong not finished.
    No hitching post out front, and he sold Studerbaker wagons.
    Pretty ornate sign on the top fpr those days.

    1. They're not doing nothing, they're posing for the photograph. Before the photographer came along some of the adults were trying to get the sign finished.

    2. for sure Rigadoon! Taking a photograph was a big deal back then. Everything stopped and everyone stood, straight-faced, until the photograph was taken.

  2. Another fine photo. I like the little kids sitting there in their broad brim hats. Interesting that they spelled "ammunition" with only one "m," but maybe that was a misspelling? Now if we could just get those horses to hold still during a photo. LOL
    Thanks for all the great photos this week, PJM. (You brought me out of lurking.)
    -Anne K.

  3. A team on a single buckboard. Note the two stays. But what is the street excavated for?

  4. Sorry for going off topic here.

    It is beyond words what happened in Newtown. How can a person (animal) go to a school and start to shoot little tiny kids. Not one or two, but 20 innocent little tiny helpless children.
    If he hated life so much that he wound up killing himself, why didn't he just stay home and kill himself. Why did he have to kill all those little kids?

    I'm a fairly unemotional person, and it take a lot to bring a tear to my eyes, but this is starting to wear me down, and I have to stop reading about it, because it has worn me down.

    I saw a facebook posting that said "that there have been 61 mass shooting in the US since 1982, and 49 of them were done with legally obtained weapons." Well if the shooter steals the legal weapon from his mother or a friend, or in the case in Minn. where the kid got it from his Chief of Police grandfather (who he also killed), then it is not a legally obtained weapon.

    Sorry for the rant.


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