Sunday, December 9, 2012

Boys Swimming

One of the great parts of Summer Camp for Boy Scouts was the water activities. I can remember enjoying lots of river fun with swimming, rope swings, rope bridges, canoes and row boats. The best part was you had lots of other young men to recreate with. Today's picture is from a Boy Scout camp in 1919.


  1. I remember that we were always teamed up with another swimmer, and when they blew the whistle, you had a few seconds to find your team mate and raise your held hands.

    One time one of the swimmers left with out telling any one and did not remove his name from the board.
    What a frantic time it was trying to find him. First we had to all get out of the water, and check our name tags on the board to see you was missing. Then we all were looking for his body, when he came back to the lake.
    Guess who did'nt get to go swimming again?

  2. I see you went over 2600 followers.

  3. Some of those kids look none too happy.

  4. Not a Fatty McFaterston among 'em.

  5. DADD is correct and buddy checks are still part of the Scouting swim experience.