Monday, December 3, 2012


What better way to relax and recreate than a little boating on Crater Lake in Oregon. The picture was taken in 1912. It looks like there might be a little fishing going on as well.


  1. Very serene. I there a Loch Ness type monster legend for Crater Lake?

    1. Myrtle, The best I can tell from a little internet search is that the Crater Lake monster was invented by Hollywood. It was the main character in a 1977 movie. Before the movie I don't think there were any accounts of people claiming to see a monster. I could be wrong. On the other hand the Lake Champlain Monster, Champ is the one with live person witness accounts. I think the Pacific Northwest is trying to monopolize on the monsters. They already have the Big Foot!

  2. I never heard about the "nessy" for Crater Lake.
    But there is a fairly large boat or cabin crusier at the shore line in the upper left side of the lake,

  3. Lapped lumber boat with flat transom perhaps? Nice.

  4. GREAT photo. Thank you!

  5. One wonderful thing about Crater Lake is how timeless it is - this picture could have almost been taken last week.