Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Air Travel

This picture was taken inside a British Imperial Airlines plane en route to the Sudan from Jerusalem. Ah, there was something so much more elegant about travel back in the day. Look at the space, legroom, and table these people enjoyed. Long gone are those days! The picture was taken in 1936.


I have arrived in Kitale, Kenay, and had a wonderful Christmas Day. We spent the day with the orphans of Mali Saba. Hope this picture will remind us all of the true reason for the season. Never have I seen people with so little so thankful for what they have. Have a blessed Christmas.


  1. Now days, the air lines think, "Well it take so much fuel to fly to a place, if we can stuff two or four more people in to the plane we will make this much more money, and if we can stuff 12 more people into the same plane we will 3 times as much more.
    What is bothering me is the high luggage charges, now they want to charge for carry ons. But have you seen some of the things some people call carry ons.
    It would almost be cheaper to buy new stuff after you land.
    I do know some people that send their stuff by FedEX or UPS. No waiting for baggage claim, just deplane and go.

  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS every one.

  3. If you feel nostalgic for the days of luxury air travel, remember that it WAS a luxury. A ticket to cross USA cost about 1/2 of a new car.

  4. A Very Merry Christmas to everyone from the frozen north, Canada.
    Keep in mind as you are with your families this holiday season, the losses of others....the 20 children and their families in Newtown and just yesturday the two firefighters in New York. Treasure what you have, as small or large as it may be.


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