Monday, November 12, 2012

Western Style

Hat week continues with this picture of a man in a Western Hat. The hat appears to be a straw hat. He has an overall western style to his dress and appearance. I am not even sure what you call the style tie he has, but you don's see those any more.

I have been enjoying the comments and it looks like I am not the only one who wishes hats would make a comeback. I think many men would like to wear a hat, but are afraid of being ridiculed. One of the things I have notices while traveling in Africa is that it is a place where you can wear the hat you always wanted to without feat of being ridiculed. I saw people wearing the military style caps that have the canvas flaps in the back to protect the neck. I saw the Australian style hat, with the side brim pinned up to the hat. There is a guy that wears the little round hat that looks like a pill box with no brim at all. There were even some people wearing huge brimmed cowboy hats. So, I guess people go to Africa sometimes to wear the hat of their dreams.


  1. Hats are fun, but alas, I can't wear them because they cause me to get a migraine. My husband, however, is joyfully free of such restrictions and wears hats. He has a nice Stetson he inherited from his father, which he wears proudly.

    Some women's hats are, to put it bluntly, simply ridiculous. I love to look at the photos from the Ascot races every year just to see the hats.

  2. That is the Mississippi string tie / / as explained in the Walter Hill movie 'Crossroads' /

  3. I use to wear a very Stetson has when I lived out in Montana, but someone sat on it and crushed it beyond use. Hate to say it, but I think it was deliberate.
    That was about the time I moved back to North Dakota.
    I do wear ball caps all the time because florescent light give me head aches.
    But I may buy another Stetson.

  4. I like to wear my western style felt fedora. However, it gives me "hat hair". Always an excuse for the missus to pull out her comb and smooth it for me. Hats are part of the good life.

  5. I like wearing a hat because even wearing jeans, I’m dressed up. It’s like putting the dot on the ‘i’, it’s just not complete without the hat.

    A man wearing a hat (and a woman wearing one) is a statement of your personality. Men’s hats came in all shapes and styles….some styles suited the individual and some didn't……..some were suitable for wearing daily and some were better saved for weddings and funerals. A hat need not be static either, you can take a well made man’s hat and form the brim or the crown to alter the shape for your liking and all it takes is the steam from a kettle.

    Baseball caps have no personality with the exception of some sort of advertising on it. Technically, companies, music groups etc should be paying people for being walking billboards.

    I like to wear a hat where someone says “I really like your hat” (which has happened many times over the years) as opposed to someone looking at a baseball cap and thinking I like AC/DC, or I must know someone at Smith’s funeral homes, or maybe I work for Gotta Run Septic Tank Cleaners.

  6. I read once that JFK pretty much put the kibosh on mens hats as he didn't like them and would not wear one. The fashion industry followed suit and stopped promoting mens hats. It's debatable but one can admit that JFK did nothing for the hat industry.
    PJM, Thanks for the domestic update, I enjoyed it, Sorry about your Peacocks, they are beautiful birds.

  7. I only wear brim style hats never baseball caps. Stetson, fedora's, Aussie barmahs, and the old slouch hat. Got married with a Dorfman Scalia on. Just can't wear ballcaps any more. Keep up the great pics. Joe from Mass

  8. I wear a broad brimmed (cowboy) hat all the time out in the sticks, and that's quite common here. If anything, I'd note that it seems to becoming more common.

    Broad brimmed hats are practical and provide protection from the elements. That seemed to be forgotten in the late 60s and 70s when a lot of clothing became impractical. Since then, at least here, they seem to be staging a comeback.


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