Monday, November 19, 2012

Samuel Hamilton Walker

Don't let his nice clothes and boyish face fool you, Samuel Hamilton Walker was a Texas Range and fierce fighter. As a Texas Ranger in the first half of the 1800's, Walker recognized the need for a sidearm with more firepower for fighting from horseback. He met with Samuel Colt and described his idea for a more pistol that packed a more powerful punch. Colt took his ideas, and created the famed Colt Walker, the most powerful sidearm of the day.

Walker died in Battle in Huamantla, Mexico in 1847. Some reports say that he died with a Colt Walker in each hand.


  1. Let me highly recommend the Ranger Museum in Waco, TX to everyone, very well done!

  2. Quite a gun.

  3. A person needed two or more of them. While they did hold six shots, they were very time consuming to reload. So if you were in a battle, you didn't really want to stop to reload.

  4. You are correct, sir; for the photograph fooled me. I see such a mild mannered fellow here -- certainly a clergyman or teacher in a one-room schoolhouse.

  5. About 24 years ago I owned a Walker Colt. Bought it at a farm auction. The auctioneer had no idea what he was selling. Took me a year to trace the serial numbers and verify it's history. I bought it for 3,000 and sold it to a collector for 32,000. Still to this day regret selling it. The last price I heard for an original Walker runs around 50,000.

    1. About 2 yrs ago at James Julia Auction, Fairfield, Maine, one with Provinance(?), went for $800+ Thou. Don't have the article close by to verify. Someone else might chime in with the price.

      I had once in my hands & should of bought a Colt Baby Patterson for $100. or such. The man who did buy it refused a cased pair of Colt 1st Dragoon pistols, not fired, and a check for $3,Thou. to trade. Oh Boy, the lessons in life.


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