Thursday, November 22, 2012


Anyone with a wrench this big deserves to be featured in Rugged Man week. This picture is from 1920, and the man is a mechanic who works is repairing a steam pump. Truly, scenes like this are what made America great. 

Hope you all have a Blessed Thanksgiving.


  1. This pic always bothers me. It's obviously posed, but that's not what gets me. I really think that wrench is the wrong size for those nuts.

    1. I'm not sure, but I think you are right. It looks about 1 size to big. And the angle he is to the nuts is wrong, he should be flush with them so that he has the full wrench to nut contact.
      But his hands and his pants are sure dirty enough

  2. I thought I was too old for this, but all I saw was a gorgeous young man...
    Happy Thanksgiving...

  3. It's a cool picture. Looks like a current shot made to look old for an ad slick. I like it.

  4. I think the wrench is the right size but the angle makes it look wrong, and a posed photograph.

  5. Posed or not posed, the fact remains that Corporations have taken the great US manufacturing industries from toasters to garments to many other things to other countries and left the American worker in the ditch...while the CEOs and the shareholders make a bundle from the work of people in other countries who are paid slave wages and work in some of the most horrendous conditions.
    I apologize for that input but I am very passionate about what has been done to the American workers.

  6. Thanks, Zelda, loved your comment, along with those of all the others.