Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Indians Riding in Car

Today's picture shows a Native American family taking a ride in a car. The picture was taken in 1916 in the Pacific Northwest. An interesting an unusual picture.

I fear the Evil Nate Maas is up to his old tricks again, and it looks like he is trying to organize a Comment Embargo in response to my one day Picture Embargo in response to your lethargic comments one day. As is his MO, he is working through others to do his dirty work, and apparently has drawn long time "first every morning" commenter DADD into his evil scheme. At first I tried to ignore this, but it is clear further action will be required. The alleged complaint by this mounting insurrection is the lack of domestic updates related to Chickie Town. Well, there have been some changes out in Chickie Town, and I am hesitant to share them as they might offend large portions of long time OPOD readers.


  1. Interesting picture. By today's standards, that'd be a "convertible mini-van", if you can imagine such a thing? :)

    On domestic updates: by all means, share them! I also miss out on the updates on the hydroponics and greenhouse, these are in my radar for trying out sometime, and I love your insights and pictures ...

  2. Replies
    1. Clash of the Titans, day three! Apparently DADD will not comment, but only agree with RCT and PJM has refused to issue a domestic update, hinting instead at something sinister going on at Chickie Town! Who will break this impasse?

    2. No, we need to know this stuff. PJM may have cornered the egg market in Christoval, and is working the chickies night and day in sweat coops to meet the demand. Come clean, PJM!!!

  3. Totally enjoy looking at your photo's. You bring back a lost part of America. Keep up the great work. Joe from Mass

  4. I would comment earlier in the day, but your new posts are generally not up at 5:30 eastern time.

    I think that is a grand photo, filled with people of all ages dressed in their best.

    What happened to Chickie Town? With your dark hints and silence, we will all be worried and filled with anxiety!

  5. I;m not commenting today. No, wait this is a comment. So I was mistaken.

  6. I would urge all of you to find the movie Pow Wow Highway. It is a wonderful (R rated) Indian road movie. Great stuff!

  7. Long time reader, much less frequent commenter.

    As much as I love Native Americans and this particular week's worth of photos, I was hoping for a peek into historical images of our nation's democracy at work...aka VOTING!

    Today in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected. A picture from that date would have been sweet....

  8. Uh oh! Is Chickie Town not Chickie Soup?

  9. Interesting piece of history - somehow I never considered that Indians in that time frame drove cars. Thanks for sharing, love your photos!
    Teresa Wilson Rogers

  10. It seems people need a touch of foul weather to brighten their day. Allow me to make an offering to quench a thirst:

    - Our peacocks Diego, Kyrie and the four boys are doing very well. The wife said we had enough feathers this for her to make a formal gown. I replied with a couple of jokes from my demented mind.

    - The chickens are all doing equally well. Eggs are abundant and neighbours and friends have standing orders. Free eggs……who could pass that up!

    - Our 14 year old duck also doing well. Not able to get around like he use to but he is nonetheless young at heart and some of his antics really quack me up.

    - The 3 ducklings that were rescued from an abandoned farm after their parents were killed by some local wild animal are growing like weeds.

    - All the other animals are also happy and content…..the horses, the German shepherds, the cats and the python.

    There you go, you can pluck from that whatever you may need to fulfill any update requirements.

    The photo of the Native people is both interesting and in some ways sad. With their introduction to the automobile, eventually along came taxes for roads and overpriced auto insurance and the high cost of gasoline and car repairs and ……..well the list goes on and on. Somehow I think just walking out and saddling up your 4x4 horse and going anywhere you wanted was in some ways a lot better.


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