Friday, November 23, 2012

Coal Miner

We wrap up Rugged Man week with this picture of a Coal Miner. The picture was taken in 1937 in Birmingham  Alabama.


  1. My grandfather was a coal miner in southern Indiana in the early 1900s. My mother was from a very poor family of 10 children. Finally ca 1928 the family moved to northern Indiana for work. The coal mining had dwindled to almost nothing. My grandfather eventually died from a lung condition.

    1. As was mine; he immigrated from Wales and worked in coal mines all across the USA

  2. Sorry, not a job for me. I am not afraid of small places, but I like the open area a lot, lot better. I loved it when I was farming, then I drove truck, and then sold farm machinery. All nice open country jobs.

  3. It does take one rugged individual to take-up a mining job. That is as true today as it was back then, I guess ...

  4. It takes a special breed to be a coal miner to risk your life to provide a living for yourself and others.