Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Winnowing Wheat

Today's picture shows a woman winnowing wheat on the San Juan Pueblo in New Mexico. The wheat is thrown in the air, so the chaff then blows away. The picture was taken in 1905. One of the really neat things about New Mexico is its rich cultural heritage. There is the Native American culture, and the very old Spanish culture going all the way back to Spanish land grants. 


  1. Thatlooks like a fairly large home for back in the early 1900's or should I say 1800's

  2. I like her clothes.

  3. This site is like going back to school. Not knowing much about Adobe houses I looked up some info. The Adobe bricks, transfer heat very slowly. So during the day when the sun is baking the bricks, heat transfer to the inside of the house is very slow and the house stays cool. By the time the sun goes down the heat stored in the brick releases slowly over time to the inside of the house keeping the house warm at night. Another reason to get out of the cold and go to New Mexico, Heating costs!