Saturday, October 13, 2012

Summit City

Welcome to Boom Town week here at OPOD. Boom towns have sprung up around many different areas over the course of history. They usually pop up as the result of finding gold, silver, or oil in the area. Boom Towns also came about as the result of government works projects. In this case, Summit City came about as a result of the Shasta Dam project. This picture was taken in 1940


  1. I imagine that a Bar or Saloon is the first building in a "boom town". Any thoughts?

    1. Followed by a house of ill-repute and a preacher with a mission, next would be a politician promising better days. It's a logical progression of events.

  2. Looks like a nice little place to have a cold one.

  3. Interesting picture for me.I´m sorry my english is not very good,I write a little now, but I like your pictures.When I improve I will write more. Have a nice day. Richard