Thursday, October 25, 2012

Indian Family by River

Today we feature a picture of an Indian family camped by a river. The picture was taken in 1905, and the people are part of the Crow tribe.


  1. This picture gives me a nice calm feeling. Reminds me when I used to take my kids camping in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Our favorite site was on the white river and we would set up the tent about as far away from the river as shown in this picture. The kids would be in that river all day long. Then at night the sounds of the water rushing by was so relaxing. It was my Dad who first introduced me to this great spot. I passed it down to my kids and I'm sure they will pass it down to theirs. Take a kid camping!

  2. A quote from yesterday

    "I’d like to remind everyone to never forget to take your own photos. As a famous photographer once said “if you can’t find anything within 20 feet from you to take a photo of, then you’re not looking

    I lived right next door to the Geographic Center of North America monument for about 12 years. I could see the monument out of my bedroom window, and I walked right by it a least once a week.
    I regret never taking a photo of it, and keep saying that one of these days I will, but never seem to do it.
    Maybe one of these days.

  3. Today I have to leave the serene life in the country where I sat on the back porch this morning and watched the deer return to the woods and heard no sounds other than the wings of birds as they landed on the feeders and watched my horses amble without a worry in the world to the pasture where they will happily graze and I watched rabbits hopped around the back yard with the ducks and chickens and peacocks.

    I will drive to the big city choked with traffic lights at every corner and advertising smothering me at every turn and fight my way through a multitude of disillusioned and angry people and fight for a parking spot that makes you feel like a sardine with claustrophobia and go into a shopping mall packed with inferior manufactured products that are planned obsolescence to fall apart one day after the warranty runs out.

    Yes post #1 is right……that photo has a nice calm feeling.

    On second thought………..I’m going to stay home.


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