Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prisoners of War

Today's picture shows a group of Prisoners of War enjoying a bowl of soup in a German prison camp. The picture was taken in 1915 in the German Zossen prison camp. Don't know of the bowls are full, but the bowls do seem to be pretty big, and the steam would indicate it is being served up hot.


  1. What army were they from?

    Here is an easy soup recipe.
    For potato soup put mashed potatoes(I use left overs) in a large pot.
    Add milk to desired consistency. Add some butter, and salt and pepper.
    Heat till hot but not boiling. Never boil a milk based soup.
    Sometimes I add leftover vegetables.
    If you want to add fresh vegetables, they must be cooked before adding them to the soup.
    You can add oysters or clams if you want.
    Eat with saltines.

    1. Love Potato soup. This sounds more like a chowder though. Whats the difference between chowder and soup? I'm guessing that a chowder has a milk component to it?

    2. Chowders have chunks of potatoes in them. In this soup the potatoes are all pureed as it were, since they come from mashed potatoes.

  2. What army were they from?

    The soldiers are World War 1, French.

  3. Fantastic photograph, unusual look into the past. I am greeting

  4. My grandfather was a POW of the Nazi's in WWII and he told me that they barely fed any of them and marched them miles in the bitter cold. All they were given was a stale biscuit and a piece of rotten meat. One thing you can say about the US is that we always treated our POW's like human beings.