Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Picking Potatoes

Today's picture was taken in 1940, and it shows children picking potatoes. The picture was taken near Caribou, Maine. In this area, schools did not open until the potato harvest was brought in.


  1. It is about time to harvest our potatoes. I don't know how good the harvest will be since we had such a severe drought this summer.

  2. Ahh Yup. Potatoes are the biggest crop in Maine. Grown mostly in Northern Maine. No one comes close to Idaho as far as potato production and that's probably because Maine has little kids with wicker baskets walking around harvesting them. While Idaho has those new fan dangeled mechanized potato pickers.

  3. Simple but great photo….the old barrel before plastic ones and I like the kids hats before baseball caps became popular. These days most kids have some sort of ‘advertising’ on them, be it a hat, or a jacket, or a t-shirt.