Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gas Mask

This picture is from World War II and shows a woman from South Africa helping a soldier put on a gas mask. The picture was taken somewhere in the Middle East. I don't know much about what role South Africa had in World War II.


So you are probably all wondering where the posts from the last several days went to. Well, the Lovely Ms. EAM contacted me and gently rebuked me saying that the things I was saying were not being said in love, so I needed to stop. So, I agreed to end my rant. Rest assured that there are some very major issues at Mattaw, and issues which must be addressed. The Lovely Ms. EAM was correct in reminding me that OPOD was not the proper forum to address those issues. She is correct in that, and I will respect her wishes. Understand that there is a very strong parental instinct that fathers have for their daughters, and when a father sees his daughter mistreated it is hard to remain silent.


  1. South Africa, as a member of the British Empire played a significant part in the Mediterranean campaigns, especially North Africa.

  2. On the other hand, there are hundreds of faithful followers who really want to know the truth; as long as it is the truth. And a lot of us have sent our hard earned money and wonder what to do next.

    And we are concerned about the future of the children.

    We Americans burn to help others, but it is so hard to know how and who to try and help -- the need is so overwhelming.

    Thank you for keeping OPOD going despite all the many, many distractions.

    1. Email me privately, and I will help.

  3. I can certainly understand and agree that the parents often suffer more than the children when situatins like this come up. I thought you were very restrained in your comments knowing it is hard to reflect love when your child is being mistreated.

    I hope you will not punish yourself for simply being a father. My daughters are now in their 40s but I feel I am still, to some degree, reponsible for watching over them. They gently tell me that their husbands are now doing that and I know they are, but I am still watchful.

    I guess we can be watchful and still let them travel their paths. It helps to know that God watches over all of us just like a father. Hummm, seems I read that somewhere!


    1. Al,
      There is no way I can describe how encouraging it was to see your public stance on this on her blog. You were one of the first to come out and publicly support her. Thank you for not letting her just flap in the breeze out there.

    2. PJM,
      I actually felt her pain and aprehension in her Blog. I only did what any Christian would do, but thank you for including us in your lives. I believe the best is yet to come for Elizabeth.

  4. PJM, I realize that you have no choice but to accede to your daughter's wishes. I reckon I was as upset as anyone about what happened (and I'm not even a Christian)! I immediately sent an email to Bud Huffman (as follows):

    "Your allegiance to Todd Bentley’s cult, and your recent treatment of Elizabeth McWhorter has led me to cancel my monthly support of one of your orphans. It seems unfair to be punishing the children, but I cannot countenance the way you are running Mattaw Ministries.

    Shame on you and your organization!

    Richard J. McConnell"

    I'm sure that lovely Miss EAM will be very unhappy with me, for doing this but I'm outraged by the Mattaw organization.

    I would like to financially continue to assist your wonderful daughter to continue her mission in Africa. Please advise how I can do so.

    1. RJM,
      I appreciate your kindness, and I understand your concerns. I would ask, however, that no donations be made to EAM at this time. She has handled this entire matter in an impeccable fashion, and I would request that this clarity of conduct not be contaminated with donations. The issue is not support for her. Again, appreciate you as a follower and appreciate your concerns.

  5. I think those gas masks look like something out of an old B-grade Sci-Fi movie.

    I thought you were rather restrained, after you didn't call him an old snake in the grass or use any ad hominem attacks. Your daughter is a very sweet and gracious Christian young woman.

  6. I can understand Ms EAM’s view, but people have to know what is going on, not only because we care for her and the children but also they have invested time, money and their own hearts in the ‘cause’. If no one speaks out, then who will, and those who thirst for power and not goodness will be allowed to possess that power unjustly.
    That’s all I have to say, but I had to say something.