Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cooking Soup

Welcome to Soup Week! Today's picture shows a relief kitchen in Belgium making soup. The picture is from around 1915.

A lot of times we associate soup with poverty, but I will be honest with you, I really love Soup. I usually have soup for lunch a couple times a week. Understand, I am talking about real soup, not that salty water that comes in a can. The lovely Mrs. PJM has perfected a number of soup recipes over the years, and we enjoy having them throughout the week. Perhaps some of you can share your favorite soup recipes this week.


  1. I'm not much of a soup fan,but My favorite is Taco soup. My recipe makes a lot. I put it in single serving containers and freeze, that way I have soup all winter long. I give some to my neighbor and daughter.

  2. I would say my favorite soup is Cream of Mushroom.
    But I would say the best soup I ever tasted was made by a small cafe in Enderlin, North Dakota. He would only make it on Fridays, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich, YUMMY. He made it with small pieces of tomatoes. I drove a delivery truck back then, and would always make sure I got there about noon Friday. If you got there to late, it would always be gone.

  3. I really love seeing these old photos whenever I stop by.

  4. That's quite a kitchen.

    I,too, love soup. One thing I like best about the colder months, is that I can cook and bake without turning the house into an inferno.

    I often make chicken soup for lunch. At breakfast time I throw a couple of legs or thighs in to boil with an onion. After a while I remove the chicken from the bones and put it back in. We add whatever vegetables we feel like and noodles or spuds or wild rice or white rice.
    This is a good way to use up leftovers. Sometimes I make home made bread, by hand if I'm ambitious or in the bread machine if I'm lazy or busy. I home school the kids and they love these lunches. They also like to make soup and bake bread.

  5. Soup has 'it's days'. When it's cold and dreary outside and you feel like a dog that just wants to curl up in a cave, I must admit a good bowl of soup goes down well. It does take time and effort to make a good pot up though and it always seems to taste better the next day. Probably the best soup I have ever had was potato soup made by a little old lady. But will she give the recipe out? No!