Friday, August 3, 2012

Shop Window

Today's picture shows a little girl looking at items in a store window. The picture was taken in 1942 in New York. The shop sells Jewish religious items.


  1. I love that sign in the window "GOD BLESS AMERICA" "WE ARE PROUD TO BE AMERICANS".
    Way back in 1942 by Jewish people, how about that.

    1. We're not all anti-gun or liberals.
      Life Member NRA

  2. Once again I learn alot from this site. I looked up info on the book in the shop window called, "The Romance of a People". It is about the history of the Jewish People copywritten 1941. The name of the book comes from a pagent that was held during the 1933 Worlds Fair in Chicago. On July 3 1933 Jewish Day at the fair was celebrated and they had a big pagent at Soldiers Field called Romance of a People, highlighting Jewish history. I'm sure if you were caught with this book in 1941 Nazi Germany, you were done for.


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