Sunday, August 26, 2012

Playing Dice

Game Week continues today with this picture of men playing dice. The picture shows miners outside the company store in Osage, West Virginia. It never ceases to amaze me how it is often those who work the hardest for their money that lose it the fastest. I notice that nowadays in convenience stores. Sometimes when paying for gas I will see a person in line in the convenience store buying lottery tickets, a few packs of cigarettes, and some snacks, and shell out $50.


  1. I've never liked gambling games of any kind. Guess I just never could see the fun of chancing money that I'd worked so hard to get. So as a result, there's a lot of such games that I don't really understand how they are played, and this is one. I have no idea how people actually play dice.

    Having said that, this is one of the oldest gambling games of them all. When dice players say they're going to "roll the bones" they refer back to the era when dice were made of animal knuckles, which goes back at least to Roman times. Indeed, I've read it stated that when the Roman guards "caste lots" for Christ's clothing, they were playing dice.

  2. I agree with Pat. I love to play games, but you can leave the hard earned money out of it. Of course I like to win, but to me a game is just a game.

  3. To me a game is just a game to enjoy and have fun. Leave the hard earned money out of it.

  4. I love to play cards, but in my family we always played for honor. There never was any money involved, just bragging rights.
    My first wife family always had to play for money, no matter what the game was.
    Now I am retired and playing cards at the senior center, we have a couple of guys that always want to play for money ($1 a game $1 a set or even higher stakes), and the funny part is they always seem to lose. I just tell then to play without me if they have to play for money. I go down there to have fun not make money. I've told them if they have to be playing for big bucks, then go to the casinos and play.

    1. My father was an absolute expert at card games, and everyone on his side of the family, in his generation, could play them. But I never saw any of them play for money. They just liked playing cards. Indeed, my mother told me that when she became engaged to my father, she had to learn to play bridge as it was so common in the family.

      For whatever reason, even though my father taught me the basic poker games, it didn't take with me at all, and I only barely can remember how to play them. On very odd occasion people will insist a join them in a card game, and as it turns out, I'm usually very good at them, but they just can't hold my interest.

      My wife, however, loves games, as does her entire family. Card games of all types, dominoes, dice games and about every game that adults play. I learned and forgot how to play all those games again and again when we were first married, but now, thankfully, I can sit them out. As her family is highly rural, I think that explains it. Every farmer and rancher I've ever met can play all those games. Long hours out on the range explain it.

      By extension, she finds some gambling games interesting, but as I don't, and find the thought of chancing my money against the odds to be a horrific thought, she doesn't bother with them either. I just can't see the fun in that at all. I can't even see the fun in going to a place like Las Vegas, which just seems to be a huge concentration of humanity with gamblign and a lot of bright lights. Just not my cup of tea, I guess.

  5. My grandpa would walk 4 miles into town just about every day to play dominoes with his cronies. They played in the back room of the barber shop. My grandmama said once, that when he died, he would be playing dominoes. Sure enough, he was. Nobody ever told her, tho.

  6. I don't think these men are shooting dice. I think they are playing marbles. I don't see any dice but I see a marble in front of the middle man squat down on the wooden sidewalk.


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