Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Today's picture was taken in 1942, and it shows a great shot of a WWII P-51 Mustang. This was one of the main allied fighter planes. The plane was made by the North American Aviation Corporation.


  1. This was a real war-winner once the matched it with the correct engine!

  2. I assume that would be the Merlin 12 cylender engine?

  3. My favorites from WWII were the P-38 that had a top speed of 443 MPH. And the Corsair with a speed of 417 MPH. Both I believe were the fastest no jet powered plane in WWII. The P-39 even took on the Germans jet planes and won some of the fights

  4. I find it interesting that it is a bilious mustard yellow color. Now a days the military planes are much more subtle colors.

    1. The color was actually a variation of olive drab. The color was to help hide the planes when on the ground. Back in WW2 the prospect of an air raid on your own airfield was a real threat (and certainly early on when this photo was taken). Later on they were left in the natural aluminum. Presently our warbirds are painted in gray schemes known as "air superiority gray". The title says it all. The gray color is purely to blur visual detection when in the air.

  5. These war planes are from my Dad's generation. I used to make balsa wood, as well as plastic, models and this was the first one I built. When I was a boy, there were all kinds of movies and TV series which featured these planes in action, so it was quite an imaginative experience to make one.


  6. Beautiful.
    Kinda popular around Shafter, California's Minter Field. They are groomed for the Reno Air Races.


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