Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Iowa Tavern

Today's picture shows a quaint main street scene from 1940. Pictured is a tavern in Scranton, Iowa. The building is a two story, so I wonder if the proprietors lived upstairs.


  1. JT's Beer Palace- what an odd name.

    I like the old cars, whatever they are.

  2. Must be a fight over who owns the PALACE/TAVERN. In the window it say ROTHMEYER TAVERN.
    Maybe Rothmeyer bought the place and hasn't taken the time to remove JT's name yet.
    Or it would cost to much to paint over the sign, remember Arnold's from HAPPY DAYS

    I use to drink Schmidt's beer in my younger legal age. Schmidt's beer has been around since 1860.

  3. Not sure if anyone is interested but I looked up Scranton, IA. As of 2010 the population was 557 people, 143 families but it was double that in 1940. Actually more people lived in Scranton IA in 1940 than at any other time. I'll bet this Tavern was pretty full on a Saturday night. They also have the oldest water tower in the state and 9th oldest in the country built in 1887. Things that make ya say, hmmmmmmm.

  4. I wonder what that wooden structure to the left of the Beer Palace is? Is there anyone from or close to Scranton IA that can shed some light? I'd love to get the street address and see what it looks like today.

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