Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hunting Walrus

Today's picture shows a couple of Eskimo Men hunting Walrus. The picture was taken in about 1920. 

While I am not one to criticize, the Hunter Safety Classes I have taken would frown on hunting in this manner, where one hunter stands in front of the other one, wile the hunter in the rear fires. It looks to me like the hunter in the front is about to be shot in the back. In the excitement of running to the walrus, I would suggest the two men should stay even with each other.


  1. My thoughts exactly were, "Holy crap, that sure looks dangerous for the guy in front".
    The guy in front could slip on the ice and into the line of fire.
    And the noise and concussion from the rifle behind would throw off the aim of the guy in front.

    YUP, that sure looks very dangerous.

  2. I think it has more to do with perspective than actual positioning. Imagine a straight line running from the shooter in the center to the pack of walrus. Now trace another line starting at the shooter, but perpendicular to the first one.

    To my eyes it looks as if the second shooter is about a foot or two behind, while being at least four feet to the left. Not ideal, as the first shooter has no sight of him, but not all that bad either.

  3. Really, you think that the guy in the back is so careless that he is going to shoot his buddy in the back?????
    First...The target is forward and to the left, and the rear shooter is back and to the there is no-one in his line of fire.

    Second...I'm glad that you're not in a combat zone. If your safety logic was followed there....only the most forward Marines would be able to fire....don't you think that the guys in back can aim too?

    And I also doubt if the "noise and concussion" would disturb an experienced shooter who is firing at a target which is less than 30 feet away.

    1. And you think no Marine has ever been shot by friendly fire from someone behind him.

      I'm not saying that he is going to get shot, but the back shooter is being a little reckless.
      That is not the way I was taught to hunt.
      I'm sure they have to get the shots off in a hurry because the walruses are right at the edge of the ice, but they should have fanned out a little more.

  4. My question: it looks like the walruses are on a little spur surrounded by water. If shot, wouldn't a walrus fall into the water? How does the hunter get an animal that size back up on the ice?

  5. Hopefully they aren't drunk like half the deer hunters in Pennsylvania.

  6. I'd like to see the walrus's turn on them and use those huge tusks to even things up.

  7. Has anyone in this conversation ever eaten walrus? If so, please let the rest of us know about it!

  8. I have not but I would wager it doesn't taste like chicken.

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